About Results OHIO


What is ResultsOHIO?

ResultsOHIO creates an infrastructure within the Treasurer’s office to pursue a pay-for-results approach to tackling the most pressing social and public health challenges facing Ohio.

How does it work?

Three funds will be created and administered through the Treasurer’s office. The funds will enable the State of Ohio to pursue pay for success initiatives aimed at addressing some of the pressing issues facing our state. The Executive Branch and General Assembly will determine which public policy issues are to be addressed with this funding.

Private entities enlisted to address these challenges will bear all upfront costs for the duration of a particular project. Public dollars reserved in the funds will be used to reimburse project costs upon its completion only if the initiative has proven to meet measurements for success that are agreed to prior to initiation of the project. 

Performance measurements will be determined by a third-party prior to the start of a project and used to gauge the project’s efficacy. The rate card used for scoring will be created collaboratively through a third party evaluator and the Treasurer’s office.

How is this approach different?

ResultsOHIO protects taxpayer dollars by ensuring Ohio’s resources are spent on positive outcomes, rather than failing programs. Public dollars will only be used if a project has proven to deliver real results.

What types of challenges can be addressed through ResultsOHIO?

  • Addiction
  • Water Quality
  • Infant Mortality
  • Workforce Training
  • Long-Term Care
  • Criminal Justice
  • Early Childhood Education Preparedness
  • Foster

Why ResultsOHIO?

ResultsOHIO addresses public policy issues in an innovative and fiscally responsible manner, protecting taxpayers by ensuring results and having the private sector bear the financial risk. This initiative empowers leaders to be innovative and identify successful solutions that may then be replicated on a broader scale. Through ResultsOHIO, lawmakers, policymakers, and the private sector work collaboratively to engage populations who are in the greatest need of achieving healthier outcomes.

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