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December 19, 2019 Ohio Considers ‘Social Impact Bonds’ for Public Health Challenges
Ohio Treasurer Robert Sprague is proposing to turn to the private sector and local governments to help deal with two of the state’s most troubling health care challenges: infant mortality and opioid drug addiction.
The Heartland Institute
October 22, 2019 Demand Results From Funding
The idea that if we just throw enough taxpayers’ money at a problem, it will go away was discredited years ago. Yet we continue to try that approach, probably wasting billions of dollars nationwide that could be put to better use.
The Intelligencer:
Wheeling News-Register
September 13, 2019 ResultsOhio to address state’s biggest challenges
State Treasurer Robert Sprague said his office’s ResultsOhio program will help address some of the state’s most pressing challenges including drug addiction, criminal justice, water quality and infant mortality.
Tribune Chronicle
August 21, 2019 Ohio Treasurer Robert Sprague Speaks With Zanesville Rotary
The Ohio State Treasurer made a visit to Zanesville Tuesday afternoon and spoke with the Zanesville Rotary Club.
WHIZ Zanesville
July 31, 2019 

What is ResultsOHIO?? Ohio Treasurer Sprague talks with Brian Thomas
Treasurer Sprague joins 55KRC’s Brian Thomas to discuss how ResultsOHIO can assist in tackling some of the most pressing social and public health issues facing Ohio’s communities. 

55KRC Morning Show with Brian Thomas Cincinnati
July 23,
 Editorial: Treasurer Sprague, auditor Faber seek better results for Ohio tax dollars
There is something to be said for the fresh thinking that can come with turning various public offices over to new officeholders, especially in administrative positions where they can make immediate impact....
Columbus Dispatch
July 5,
 Ohio treasurer’s program leverages private funds to tackle thorny social issues
Public money would be used to repay investors in private programs that make measurable progress in solving problems such as recidivism, infant mortality and opiate addiction under a program wrapped into the proposed state budget...
Columbus Dispatch
June 28, 2019 Ohio to encourage experimentation to address social problems
CLEVELAND (AP) — Ohio is joining other states in encouraging private groups to fund and run innovative social experiments to address vexing social problems like opioid addiction, infant mortality and environmental pollution without putting tax dollars at risk upfront.
Associated Press, Cleveland
June 26, 2019 Ohio Treasurer Robert Sprague discusses "Results Ohio" with local leaders
Ohio's Treasurer of State Robert Sprague was in Toledo this afternoon meeting with city business leaders to discuss the Results Ohio program.
WNWO-TV Online
June 21, 2019 Business Tax Deduction on Table in State Budget Negotiation
COLUMBUS, Ohio – With the Ohio Senate approving its version of the two-year state budget, the two wings of the state legislature will spend the coming weeks negotiating a final version to send to Gov. Mike DeWine.
Youngstown Business Journal
June 19, 2019 Ohio Treasurer pushing for ‘Results Ohio’ plan that would pay for innovative solutions to public problems on the back end
COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — While lawmakers in the General Assembly are trying to decide what to fund, Ohio’s Treasurer wants to make big changes about how to fund.
May 31, 2019 Ohio tresurer visits SSU touting new pay-for-outcomes funding scheme
With its main location in Franklin Furnace, the STAR Community Justice Center and its prison alternative program was at least temporarily the star of the show Thursday afternoon when Ohio Treasurer Robert Sprague visited Shawnee State University.
Portsmouth Daily Times
May 21, 2019 Ohio Treasurer wants to leverage private money to fix public challenges
Ohio Treasurer Robert Sprague wants to make it easier for private funding to help combat the opioid epidemic, algae blooms in Lake Erie and other issues typically dealt with using public dollars.
Columbus Business First
May 17, 2019 

ResultsOHIO pays for proven projects
During his 2018 campaign for Ohio treasurer, Robert Sprague spoke of implementing an initiative that could fund proven solutions to the state’s most persistent problems. In March, he proposed plans for the ResultsOhio program...

The Delaware Gazette
May 13, 2019 

ResultsOhio would reward successful programs
Come up with a good idea to improve opioid treatment or to reduce Lake Erie algae, raise some money to implement a program, and if it works, get reimbursed by the State of Ohio...

Toledo Blade
May 10, 2019 

State treasurer visits Warren to explain ResultsOHIO initiative
Ohio Treasurer Robert Sprague spoke at the Trumbull Country Club about his ResultsOHIO initiative, which will try to attack challenges such as addiction, infant mortality and water quality by creating a fund that will reward success and innovation...

The Youngstown Vindicator
April 25, 2019 

Ohio treasurer wants to fund solutions to state issues
Ohio Treasurer Robert Sprague is putting his past experience of solving complex problems to work for Ohioans through supporting a program he believes will help solve one of Ohio’s most pressing problems: the opioid crisis...

Wapakoneta Daily News
April 24, 2019 

Ohio Treasurer aims to innovate private solutions
A new initiative pushed by Ohio Treasurer Robert Sprague looks to use financial tools to encourage investment into new solutions for long-standing social issues, such as Ohio’s opioid crisis and the need for workforce training...

The Lima News
April 21, 2019 

ResultsOHIO initiative would reinforce public policy success
Ohio treasurer Robert Sprague wants to establish a new fund to help the state finance programs successfully solving public policy issues...

Crain's Cleveland Business
April 20, 2019 

Results-oriented initiative will end wasteful spending by state
Too often in government, a problem arises and it quickly grabs our attention. Then policymakers rush into conference rooms in Columbus and work out some one-size-fits-all solution aimed at fixing the issue. But rarely does it work. Instead, taxpayer dollars are spent on more failing programs that place Ohio even further away from identifying real solutions to very real problems...

The Youngstown Vindicator
March 27, 2019 

Legislation would advance Sprague’s ‘pay for success’ initiatives in Ohio
When Robert Sprague ran for state treasurer last year, he often spoke of social impact bonds, a funding tool to reward successful private responses to public policy issues. Now that he’s been elected to office, Sprague is advancing the idea...

The Findlay Courier
March 26, 2019 Ohio treasurer aims to help tackle drug addiction and other social problems
Ohio’s state treasurer, normally responsible for overseeing the state’s investments and financial accounts, wants to play a role in helping fight drug addiction, infant mortality and other social problems...
Cleveland Plain Dealer